Thursday, April 14, 2011

A story I told my friend

Once upon a time a King died. The death agents came and decided he has always been a good guy so he should go to heaven and not to the hell. The King said all his life he has always chosen things after looking and testing it and he would like to see the heaven first before moving in. So the agents decided to give him a solo tour for a few minutes, after all he has been so good all his life. Just after a few minutes passed the King came back running nodding his head. Nope I would not go to the heaven, Its not what I thought it would be like - he said. What's wrong? After all people only wish to enjoy it - asked the agents. NO! the angels are not as beautiful as I thought they would be!! - King remarked.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bharat Ratna for Sachin

Bharat Ratna awardees should show exemplary achievements in the field of Arts, Science, Social service or Literature. Though the word sports does not appear in the statement but it is implicit. Sports is an Art played with in scientific parameters, produces and has one of the most well read literature and if look at Cricket does a great social service to unite the Country and Internationally. So included or not sports personalities achieving exemplary feats should be awarded Bharat Ratna. And what a beginning of it would be with Sachin!

Monday, April 04, 2011

Mr Afridi - be graceful in defeat

First of all congratulations Team India for winning the Cricket World Cup after a long 28 years of wait. It was a deserving win and every bit of celebrations for a team the way they planned, played and stuck together. That said for many Indians the Semi-Finals against Pakistan was almost a Final and would have been content even if India would have lost to Sri Lankans. At the end what surprised us the most was Afridi's humility in accepting defeat. It was the first time ever in his career that he seemed one decent Guy passionate about Cricket. World, specially Indians were ready to forget his waywardness. Afridi thanked the "Indian Nation" and even while in Pakistan asked one aggravating journalist - "Why do we hate India?". And, I thought for two nations who put Cricket before religion this could be a new way to friendship - Not to be. Afridi appears in a Pakistani channel and challenges the Indian hospitality and media and even appeared to claim that Pakistan and India can never be friends and live together. Those were some very strong words coming out of someone whose butt just got kicked not too long ago. I still give Afridi a benefit of doubt. It is all but natural for him to give contradicting statements to appease those who are readying themselves to avenge the defeat on Afridi's career. Only this time he seems unlikely to continue as a Captain of his team if past history of that nation is to be believed. And Thanks to those Pakistanis who still think India and Pakistan can not be friends and neighbors - You don't deserve to be a neighbor of any country.