Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Anna's show a big flop in Mumbai - Think!

Anna called off his fast in Mumbai due to a poor response from people he thought he was fighting for. Stop. When Mahatma Gandhi returned from South Africa he did not just fight one war with British, he fought three. One that he fought against himself to get rid of pretentiousness, ego and bias and this constant battle of self cleansing continued till he died. Second was in fact against the Indian people itself. This was the war to wake them up - not just the lawyers in Mumbai but to awaken people in villages who did not even know what human dignity and self rule meant. It was a war because the majority were even afraid to get rid of the British empire fearing even bitter rule by some of their own brethren's. Unless you awake people and show them what they would be looking for how could you even think of fighting his decisive war against the British? And these three wars were chaotic, bleak at times and hurtful but remained physically non-violent.
What happened in Mumbai is no surprise. A poor show for Anna is no reason to get disheartened. It only shows people are not ready, they are not awakened yet. Instead of getting rid of a corrupt system they see it as an opportunity to join and loot. This has become a diamond mine that people think queuing on is unnecessary, instead chance to get in and loot. And don't forget Mahatma's bugle did not sound from a podium in Mumbai it sounded from a place called Champaran that no body even knew it existed where people did not discuss if a choice is good or bad but a place where there was no choice at all. Anna has to find his Champaran.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

एक और शेर

ये धुंध और कम्बल में सिहरते लोग सोते किनारे,
चौराहों में लोग पीते हुए चाय, और वो भटकते रिक्शे वाले,
दूर से लाल बत्तियां चीरती निकलती रौशनी को काटते हुए,
वो छोटी सी बच्ची मांगती भीख आधी नंगी अपनी माँ के सहारे,
उन गलियों सड़कों की कहानी आज भी याद आती है,
और इस धुंध में लिपटी अपनी लखनऊ अब भी रुलाती है।

*Picture - courtesy Lucknow page on facebook