Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Thinking AJAX? Think a little more..

AJAX is changing the way web apps are build today. The technology which makes AJAX has been around and we can find gazillion documents on the net about them. So if you are starting to build a webapp and thinking of using AJAX, think a little bit more. Do you need asynchroneity, XML and Javascripts altogether at the same time? Can your users switch off the javascript in their browsers? Whats the volume of data being transferred from the server? Will you get carried away to build a desktop app on web? Or if its all you need is to parse an XML document in JSP? How about XML'izing your processors - servlets, JSP or even your bulky webservices? Can you manage your content as RSS? How much asynchroneity is acceptable to your customer? How slow will be your server? The list does not end here but before signing-off the design, just think a bit more.

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