Sunday, October 08, 2006

So you are nuclear, now what?

With N Korea conducting a nuclear test it brings back the memories of 1998 when India/Pak conducted theirs. With a few years of sanctions the life went on. India turned its focus on economic prosperiety and Pakistan shunned its' "Open" support for the terrorists. India became more responsible and except AQ Khan's proliferation, Pakistan did not become more dangerous than it already is. So being in the nuclear club does bring more sensibilities. Hope the same prevails in the Korean peninsula too.

The danger is that these technologies are more likely to be passed on to the terrorists from these loose states. With no viable solution, sanctions just alienates them. Lets accept the realities and create an international law to financially burden the nuclear capable countries. Like, mandatory supply of free nuclear energy to its' non-nuclear neighboring nations. For India to provide energy to Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. For Pakistan to provide it to Afghanistan, Iran and other middle eastern countries. For US to do the same to Cuba and other South American countries. China to Taiwan and S Korea and UK/France/Germany and Russia taking care of eastern Europe. These energy pockets may end up creating an International republic to work better under the United Nations.

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