Thursday, December 21, 2006

Did I accidently bpelized myself?

About two years ago when even the word was not out I now think I had bpelized my the then project. I was reading some documents today on BPEL - the big word and find it close to 80% similar to what I did for my "A company" about two years ago. Same exact invocation policy, same process for multienvironment deployment, similar orchestration business policies (my own proprietory though). May be the problem was similar and I took the right track. But Alas! by the time I had submitted it for an internal patent review I was thrown out on streets and never heard anything back since. BTW, I guess the partial codebase is still in production and I feel annoyingly painfully happy.


alex.guizar said...

BPEL 1.1 was published in May 2003, thus predating your project. So don't feel bad, your patent submission would not have gone far ;-)

ashish said...

Its not about patents.. Its about how great minds think alike :-)