Sunday, January 21, 2007

Dada ki Jay ho (Roughly translates to Long Live Dada)

A flat batting pitch. Return of an old hand. 100 in 15. Vintage down the track Sixes. Hear that thunder? Yes Ganguly was back and so the glimpses of hope.


Pri said...

Dada rocks!

This is what Sunny Gavaskar had to say about him:

"What can one say about Ganguly, other than the fact that he is silencing all those who doubted he had an international career left. He was superb as he carved the Windies bowling as only he can. If this knock doesn’t prove that there was injustice done to him in omitting him from the limited-overs squad, then nothing will. The way he has returned to the Indian team, it could well be a massive irony if his batting and occasional bowling make India rediscover its winning ways and thus end up saving the job of the person who has tried every trick in the book and some underhand ones too to finish the prince of Kolkata’s career."


ashish said...

Lets not bash the Aussie blindly. Dada was removed from the team because he was not performing. He was slow in the field. His batting faltered. He was over confident a bit arrogant too. He is back and hopefully with a good form and good attitude. The coach just has to make sure the rule is extended to other players as well. It was not as black and white as it appeared. There was a personal reason to it which was wrong. Coach and Dada both have a new opportunity to make this happen better for future.

Pri said...

You saw arrogance and over confidence. I saw a man who was born to lead help buid this team and because of the confidence he had in himself and in his boys we actually saw some fighting spirit in the team for a while there.

ashish said...

Arrogance is like an elastic band, stretch it till it breaks. If you get laxed on field thinking nobody can touch you because you got so many wins for the team, then you are stretching it too much. The same is true with Sehwag. But Dada atleast had a genuine talent inside him which could not have laid dormant for ever. Its all good.

Pri said...

Wow u sounded like Sidhu with that whole elasitic thing. heeeeeee

So these last thirteen months were some sort of punishment period for Dada eh? If Chappal trully didn't have ulterior motives we shouldve seen Sachin and Veeru go with Dada too.

Ashish Uncle youre not gonna win this one :)