Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sorry, I could not find India

India as we assume sitting in US is of a nation of mild mannered, Cricket crazy, Helmet wearing IT savvy bunch, busy with the mantra of development. Sorry! I did not find that India. What I found instead was a morning newspaper filled with sickening news. A pregnant woman dying on the streets denied Hospital services, a sitting MLA injured by a crude bomb attack, corruption, Poisonous measles shots killing infants, Irrelevant political raking and Channels filled with only and only "Sansanikhej" negativities. The colors we see on TV are mostly confined to Bollywood dramas. What I met instead were social chauvinists, poor service providers, crippled human values and power hungry goons. I thought of seeing roaring Tigers instead I found opportunistic hyenas. Or may be its just that my India is different from your India.

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