Friday, May 09, 2008

Half way Vacation

Its been two weeks of my vacation so time for a quick recap so far - Hot hot hot. Its been 105+ here but thanks no humidity. After the first week of bitchiness I am okaying(?) down to comparatively dusty roads of Lucknow. The excitement of IPL has receded considerably. All the teams are more or less the same so there is no Man Utd in IPL. Nice houses around and wild fire expansion of the city. Came to realization that bigger house we now need is unaffordable for me to buy here. Original Lucknowites still talk with respect and Adab but lots of outside influx and some busy city points look more of a small village circle. I spend most of my time sitting on the couch and watching TV so not much difference there. Can't take the car out because of a different traffic scene. Parents find themselves frustrated for us still being single. Lack of originality in TV concepts, they are straight copies of western shows but are perfectly blended for local audience and are more fun to watch. Mom's comment "You looked happier before" made me realize I really am not talking much.

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