Sunday, February 22, 2009

Why I would not vote for BJP

I have voted for BJP since after Rajiv Gandhi's first term. One reason being I am from Lucknow and Atal B. Vajpayee was good enough reason to believe in a party "with a difference". Along the line I continued to believe in what they had to say. Common civil code, strict action against terrorism, strong Swadeshi movement and yes Ram temple. While they were in power I also liked some of their policies like Interconnecting Indian rivers to address flood and famine problems and bringing India to the select club of Nuclear nations. Being from UP I also liked Kalyan Singh's term as a Chief Minister and his relative cleaner and non-corrupt image. In last decade things have changed. Atal has retired and is not active in politics or even sidelined. Kalyan has left BJP and has dragged himself into the same pity politics that I found him against of. And after a decade India is young again. If I vote this year following are five reasons why I would not vote for BJP:

  1. Advani does not represent young India. He seems running for PM@81 to fulfill his dream rather to give the nation a new leadership.
  2. BJP is responsible to release dreaded terrorists like Masood Azhar. Time tests the tough and BJP failed miserably.
  3. State's response to unapologetic Godhara massacre by Muslim fanatics was equally terrible, sad and unjustifiable. The incident was the beginning of BJP's downfall.
  4. There are no committed national level second generation leaders in BJP.
  5. They rake Ram Temple issue to get to the power. They are neither committed nor capable to achieve it.


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stuti shah said...

ok...then mention why would you vote for Manmohan Singh, an indecisive and minister w'out portfolio persona..

ashish said...

Indian constitution does not mandate a Prime Minister to have had a portfolio. Congress as it stands today at least has a strong support structure. Isn't five years without religious riots not good enough reason? I am definitely not going to vote for Rahul as PM but Manmohan Singh? Yes. A non-Gandhian Congress PM has always proven to be a better PM.