Friday, August 13, 2010

Kashmir is in pain - Government's apathy or incompetence

"Stone pelting mob fired upon by security forces" - A problem many nations are facing today and no one seems to understand that bullets cannot be an answer. Security forces can do very little but to fire but it only shows the incompetence of the state as well as federal governments that they seem clueless of finding ways to control the situation. Chidambaram may have been a good finance minister but is an incompetent home minister. He seems to have no answer to Naxal issues and seems again clueless on Kashmir. Not every time foreign forces can be blamed in fomenting trouble in the state. If you want Kashmiris from valley to be Indian citizens then treat them like that. There will always be foreign elements taking advantage and fueling unrest but its the responsibility of the state and what the federal government cannot shy off of, to bring people in the mainstream. If grievances and stones are met by bullets even in the Hindi heartland it will only fuel more unrest so more protests in Kashmir is not something unexpected. Its not Security forces but the incompetence of Obdallahs and this Congress government which is alienating Kashmiris from valley even further. Blood of an Indian - Kashmiri or any other cannot be this cheap. If current governments see no value in it then they have to go. Period.

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