Monday, December 06, 2010

WikiLeaks - Is it worth the commotion

There are certain things that get more attention and importance more you give it to them. Is wikileaks telling whats "aha new"? Oh no! Pakistan is an arch enemy of India and Chinese are covertly using it against India - Is this a revelation needed from wikileaks? Biggest fundings for Taliban and Qaeda comes from Saudi Arabia - hmm! Where were those 19 hijackers came from, does anyone remember? Even many Iranians don't like the Ahmedinazad's regime - what would be new if Saudis don't either? Extrajudicial killings in Iraq - sad and needed to be stopped but who would have not thought it happens when armies are engaged. Karzai's government is corrupt the elections were rigged. So? Is US going to leave Afghanistan over it? Is there a credible alternative to that? What wikileaks is telling the world that any astute political analyst would already know or have guessed. Yeah the leaks would have been if US helping Iran to counter Israel! Yeah that would be a real shattering leak. So if you don't have anything that is not already kind of known then change its name to wikireminders.

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