Thursday, October 20, 2011

Don't lose decency in war

When the war broke out between India and Pakistan over Kargil two things happened - Some Indian soldiers were captured and their bodies were found mutilated. Second, on numerous occasions both the countries exchanged bodies of their soldiers with full honor and salute. Professional armies of the world are expected to do the same. Also bound by Geneva conventions it is necessary to respect the dead and PoWs to keep your honor if not theirs. There has to be a decency in war. What we saw during Saddam Hussain's execution and now with Gaddafi's body being dragged only shows how savagery has sunk in our frustrations. Dictators who did the same deserved what they got but if the "good guys" do the same what values would you be establishing? Responsibility of revolution peaceful or not is not only a change from tyranny but also establishing a foundation for future with human dignity and values. You can not remove a color with the same color. Revolution is good if its for better but better in a way that it establishes compassion, dignity, honor and core human values.

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