Monday, October 24, 2005

How geek are you?

If you are in the computer industry sooner or later you will stumble upon the geek test. Some people actually feel proud of the geek score, higher the better. You may also find the self proclaimed geeks around. The problem with these tests are that they are not multi geographical and culturaly relevant. I did take one of these a while ago and found the questions to be obscure. It asks if you have watched a certain movie. If you are living outside states, you may not even find the movie released. Or, you may not even know how good the movie is to spend time and money to find it. The same is true with novels. The question doesn't ask you if you like or have read a certain genre, but specifics of a title. That is incorrect. What really matters is how much interest you show when you get that opportunity. How quality inputs you provide on a certain geeky topic. It matters how influenced you are by another geek. And I don't think writing such a blog at 1:40AM in the morning counts.

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