Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Who says Computer industry is immature?

Okay! The computer industry has been around for enough years to be compared with others. The best part is it has started well. Can you add few more horse powers to your car after you buy it? In computers you can! Just add more RAMs. All you can do with some old food is to throw it all. With computers you can hook them up together and make a network. Ask Andy Bechtolsheim and he might tell you some tricks to create a super computer out of them. Can you replicate your bank account some where else? With computers you can replicate your data any number of times. How fast can you search for an old friend using your phone? With computers (with ofcourse appropriate service behind) your odds are much higher. In essence the time has come when the core sector industries start treating the computer industry with some respect, and learn a thing or two from it instead. Okay my time to have some dinner!

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