Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Bat for Ganguli

So once again Saurav was dropped out of the test team. The reasons were cited the same "looking for the future". It is so dis-heartening to see when people wrap their hidden agenda inside the all good reasons they can come up with. The team India is more important than a single player Or, the performance was not upto the mark or, even if he is getting older and we have to look for the future. The problem is that we lack the intuitiveness in giving a respectable exit to our players. Ganguli did play sensibly in the second test against the lankans. He played a knock when it was required to stay longer and build partnerships. Bringing in Jaffer in place of Ganguli instead of Gautam Gambhir is ridiculous. If performance is one criteria why you don't replace a player who scored just five runs in four innings? Saurav did suffer from the nostalgia, arrogance and stiffness but he also gave himself a chance to adapt to the new team. He is doing good. He doesn't deserve the humiliation meted to him. And please don't use contradictions and get away with it just because you have the power to do so.

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