Saturday, December 10, 2005

Missing blog and the matrix of thoughts

The year was 1999 and the blogs were non-existent. The incubator of thoughts were still few news groups. There was one more available internally with in Sun where I wrote a blog(?) about how to take the Windows heads on. Forgot the words but the essence was "don't compete with Linux now and let it make the inroads first. Then present Solaris as the better kid from the world of Unix". The email (blog?) disappeared with in two days of the appearance. Seven years down the line Sun's approach is exactly the same. The evolution of the thought took seven years though. So what am I saying? My thoughts were the secret of Sun's success? Somebody hid those thoughts under the wraps and implemented it? I had the recipe to bring the name of Solaris to every household? Or, there was another contrarian mind who thought a like? Or is it the mystery I like to keep in my own world which entices me to feel like a legend? The matrix which I won't solve.

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