Friday, March 03, 2006

Politics going bad if..

If we do not manage it properly. Here is one fictious scenario:

1. Indo-US deal is ratified by the US congress.
2. US denies similar agreement with Pakistan.
3. China criticizes US.
4. Pakistan turns to China.
5. China signs similar nuclear deal with Pakistan.
6. Situation in north western province worsens.
7. Top terrorist killed in Pakistan.
8. Iran does its' first nuclear tests.
9. Iraq splits.
10. Iran assisted terrorists from Palestenian land attack Israel
11. Israel bombs Iranian nuclear facility.
12. Failed military coup in Pakistan.
13. US lands its' first military attache in Pakistan
14. Civil war breaks out in Pakistan.

The world can prevent this from happening If:

1. Pakistan signs a nuclear deal with China
2. US ratifies it.
3. Russia reaches an agreement with Iran to supply the nuclear energy.
4. Democracy is established in Iraq
5. Hamas changes to a political front.
6. A sovereign Palestine nation is born.
7. Top terrorist dies in Afghanistan
8. Government in lebanon changes.
9. US pulls out of Iraq

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