Friday, March 24, 2006

Then why was Saurav removed?

Indian cricket board is full of controversies. When Saurav was removed from the team on the basis of his age and his recent performance, Sachin is kept for no reason. There is no question that we all love Sachin. He is a great cricketer who is going through a rough patch - a long one though. We all know when he comes back, he will come back big. But the Indian team can not indefinitely wait for it. Saurav is an extraordinary player too who was going through a rough patch. But if Saurav has been asked to prove himself in the domestic cricket to get a place in the national team then why shouldn't this be applied to Sachin too? And for that matter Virender Sehwag and everybody else who remain in the team without performing? You can not be complacent just because you were something sometime. Learn from Kumble - the real genius. He fights and performs again and again even though his place in the team is never assured. Its funny to see that with the so many stalwart batsmen in the Indian team, Kumble ended up being the third highest scorer. If a depleted English team can sqaure the test series in Indian conditions then its a shame on Sachin, Sehwag, Dhoni and even Rahul for not rallying the team to success.


new toofan said...

tendulkar has contributed and due to his stature as one of the most talented batsman,his removal will take time.thats is if he performs abysmally bad as he is doing now consistently.but i do feel sorry for savrav

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