Sunday, May 07, 2006

Anti gravity, free energy and NASA

This is an interesting story, an interview with Gary McKinnon - the hacker who hacked NASA computers. He talks about possible reengineering of alien' anti-gravity aircrafts and research on free energy. Not sure how much truth this content has but I do believe in the alien technology. If an 8000 old known (Indian) civilization can have such depictions of the technology which can't be one man's imagination then there is no reason not to believe it. Something does exist which is not completely known to the today's human race or only to very few. The conditions which prevailed on Earth millions of years ago could exist or have existed in other parts of the galaxy or beyond. Just I am not part of such research or if it is even found say thousand years in future, I won't be alive to feel good about it. Or who knows I might be travelling in one of those UFOs :-)

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