Tuesday, May 09, 2006

So who won the Iraq war?

Is it US? Militarily yes, politically not yet. Is it Iraq? Militarily no and politically no either. Looks like it was Iran who won this war or atleast this phase of it. If the news to be trusted then it was the Iran backed Iraqi opposition leaders who spread false information about the WMDs in Iraq. It was Saddam's massive stupid poker bluff too which helped Iran's cause. When the world was preoccupied in the Iraqi affairs, it was Iran who continued to work on it's nuclear establishments. Now what options does the UN have on Iran? A military action is likely but with Iraq politically unstable it will create an explosive situation. Any compromise with Iran's current government will be another stupid idea. It will give an open invitation to other un-democratic governments to choose the same path. Iran's successful exploitation of personal vendetta between Bush and Saddam to its political advantage has created a quagmire which is worse than the cuban crisis. There is no military solution in sight. The only amicable solution is to lend hands to the democratic forces in Iran who can by vote overthrow this government and then be allowed to continue the peaceful uses of its' nuclear energy under an internationally audited agency.

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ashish said...

Its so good to find Madeleine Albright express the same view on Bill Maher show on HBO.