Saturday, September 30, 2006

Connecting the dots with iStore

I recently completed an iStore implementation for one of our clients. And if you are considering eCommerce engines like InterShop, OpenMarket or Broadvision I would suggest to hold and see if iStore fits in better. iStore is Oracle's e-commerce engine nicely integrared with the advanced pricing and other Order management components. For close to two years I was a passive audience to the talk of integrating content and transactional data with some partial success. I was part of the development team of quoting applications (ground up) and then the content management and portals. These two apps are so closely related but we were unable or rather lacked courage to find the common ground of integration. It was there but so far distant. Oracle's iStore succeeded to connect the missing dots of that integration. I would highly encourage companies with or without an existing Oracle install base for pricing, configurator etc to implement iStore for their web presence.

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$$$Dreams said...

Hey i have done similar work in oracle apps.However my focus has been in the configurator part. And our hosting application has been oracle quoting.Hope we can share more info. And my blog is