Friday, November 23, 2007

Condemn the blasts

Three simultaneous bomb blasts killed 13 and injured 45 in the state of Uttar Pradesh. One of the cities happened to be Lucknow, the state capital. These terrorists are really becoming pain in the neck. Thoughts sometime did cross our mind to listen to what they demand but they do not deserve it. These are a group of barbaric fanatic killers and a follower of a fanatic version of the religion. There are so many soft targets to choose. States have been so irresponsible so far in handling these threats. The country with astronomical GDP has given no thoughts on employing cameras and CCTVs in sensitive areas like Airports, Train/Bus stations, Courts and Places of religious importance. You need to be more aggressive. BTW, the chronology of this attack is:

1. India captures the mastermind of a terrorist attack.
2. Terrorists plan to kidnap an Indian politician to demand his and 45 other's release.
3. The plan got busted and three Pakistani terrorists captured in Lucknow, India.
4. Lawyers manhandled these terrorists and refused to take up their case.
5. Simultaneous blasts killed 13, most of them lawyers. A terror organization takes responsibility.

Where did they deserve mercy? These people are not killing because of any political reasons, or because of injustices. If left unchecked, in future they will kill just because you do not follow their form of religion. Democrat/Republican alike, look at your left and look at your right. If you see a terrorist, could you please just beat $h!t out of him?

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