Saturday, November 24, 2007

How spicy is your spicy?

I prefer spicy food but I am particular about it. My world is somewhere in the middle though. My coat size is not 40 short, it is 40.5 short. The waist is not 33 but 32.5. My food has to be a notch up from medium but not suicidal hot. There are a very few Restaurants who understand what my 'hot' mean. Most of them just screw it up. My question always is - How spicy is your spicy? I have asked spicy and it turns out to be just medium, someplace too spicy and burning hot and a hot has turned out to be just a dull medium. I do not understand if the chef already has the curry prepared, why don't they just serve it as a taste? The question - How hot do you want? puts us in an unknown space. The body part that is not participating in that conversation is the tongue. Make it hot but not too hot. Hotter than a medium. Hold on! this is a Thai place.. Is your medium really hot? Is this a real Indian food? Do you really mean hot when you said so? Just putting the tongue in a harm's way. Something like promising a SLA and then engaging the developer afterwards.

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Pri said...

i never have a 'too hot' problem, not here at least. so i always look the waiter/waitress straight in the eye and say "can you make it spicy, like really really spicy?" and then just as they're leaving i tell them again. that way the food will at least be semi hot. and if not i can always add crushed red peppers [which everyone needs to carry in their bag by the way]