Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Let BJP support Congress if govt falls

Every sane person knows how important is the US nuclear deal for India to address its long term energy needs. Left parties who unfortunately are part of UPA are just propagating weird agenda and do not see the benefit this country will have. Compromises here and there are part and parcel of all the deals. As long as the deal does not threaten the sovereignty of India, the Indo-US nuclear deal should go ahead. Without a stable energy resource India's economy and development is going no where, and for that it would need Nuclear reactors not a dependency on fossil fuels coming from unstable regions. As long as it reserves a right to continue doing research and development with transparency I don't see any reason for anyone to oppose it. I dare left to pull out the support if Government decides to go ahead and challenge BJP to come forward and support the govt on this issue.

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