Friday, June 06, 2008

Sirf - A good movie to watch

There is always a time in a year when I start to believe that Bollywood has stopped making good movies and then I end up watching one that defeats my opinion. "Sirf" being one this year. First 15 mins felt as one loose boring new comer launch sort of, but as more and more characters were introduced it kept me bounded to my chair. Even though not very well controlled but the strength of the script pulled it off. This movie is about four couples at different social levels, different dreams and with different priorities but related to the same set of events. Manisha Koirala looked as beautiful as she was 16 years ago when I first fell in love with her. Other characters played good as well. I did connect to one of the characters that drove me through the end of the movie. It was a sad end, a little exaggerated reality but yes with some truth that might leave you a little shaken. A good watch.

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