Monday, August 11, 2008

Its not GM's fault

It is customary to start bashing companies that are not doing so well. GM besides being one of the greatest companies, an American Icon has been in such a receiving end. Three cars that need special mention that I as a driver was very impressed with are Toyota Camry, Ford Escape and Chevy Malibu. One of these cars is owned by GM. With rising gas prices, GM is being criticized for not going green soon enough. Being green in auto industry means Batteries. So far now, no one has any experience of how these giant batteries going to be in 5 years of hard driving. Will they be replaced every 5 years for a huge sum of money? Are they any reliable? I love gadgets at least the ones I can afford. And one thing that has always bogged me down are their batteries. In spite of tall claims of long talk times on your cell phones, the reality is they drain out soon. Once battery is dead, it is easier and more economical to replace the set than the batteries itself. I have one of the worst battery experiences for my Roomba. Twice have been replaced and the last one only ran for two sweeps. Laptop batteries getting hot is a no news. Rechargeable batteries of your home phone falter in less than two years. And if GM did not jump into the band wagon of these "battery run devices", I won't be surprised and blame them. And what else should we blame them for? Making sure that the working and health condition of their workers is decent and not like uninsured bunch working at 1/4th the salary? Yes they are behind but their research centers are at par with the best of their peers. This is one company with so much potential and instead of letting it killed, give it time and all the support needed for it to bounce back to the forefront of the auto industry.

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