Friday, August 22, 2008

Kashmir - The burning desire

Kashmir has been a flash point among unresolved disputes. A problem largely created by India's neighbor and fueled by Indian government's own apathy. Kashmir as you know is one of the most beautiful places on Earth, beautiful people and a center of Sufism - a culture created by liberal Islamic and Hindu traditions. Even though this region is majority Muslim but almost divided into three equal sub-regions with majority Buddhist, Hindu and Muslim areas. It is painful and ironic that unrest in valley (one of the three regions) has dragged for two decades now with still no resolution in sight. Very recently demonstrations has picked up again and all kind of rhetorics has been coming out. But before people are manipulated again think about the following again:
1. Jammu has valid grievances too. Since the start of unrest in valley, Jammu has always been ignored as the money and power shifted to valley.
2. People listening to leaders claiming to be their sole representative must not forget an evil design that has taken lives of genuine people's leaders like Abdul Ghani Lone.
3. The recent killing of a Hurriyat leader during "Police firing" is very suspicious as per new intelligence report.
4. If Wagah border can be opened then why not Mujjafarabad's?
5. Why is there an economic blockade in Valley? And if there is none what is government doing to address these rumors?
6. You cannot build human colonies on 100 Acres of land at 10000ft.

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