Thursday, September 04, 2008

Obama vs McCain

So it is official now...
Obama's message: Enough!
McCain's message: WYSIWYG

I like McCain and salute to his services for this country, but if Democrats could not make a case this election they should forget it for another eight years. Do not Re-Kerry. Republicans have everything going against them. Economy, Last eight years, Economy, Iraq, Economy, Afghanistan, Economy, US foreign leadership, Economy, Health care and Economy but seems like divided democrats is still struggling to challenge a united republican house.
1. Why Women Clinton supporters should swing for Palin? After 42 male Presidents are all US men happy and satisfied?
2. Did they ever ask if she had won nomination, would she have picked Obama? I guess she would have picked Biden herself.
3. Why is this indirectly projected as if it is being un-American, selfish and un-patriotic to support Obama? USA, USA was a treat to hear in Beijing but why during Republican convention? Are the rest coming from Cuba?
4. Why are facts not used? Why is this being told that Obama's Tax increases will hurt common Americans? Does a common American make more than 250K a year?
5. Why McCain's Vietnam days are being repeated again and again? He did suffer tremendously and he suffered in the hands of enemies. Does anyone care how does it feel to suffer in hands of your own fellow countrymen? It is easier to defeat evil if it is recognizable. Two forces with guns out to kill each other. Yes you can see evil and defeat it. What about hate crime, racism, sexism those no-face evils? How to defeat evils that exist in character?
6. Yes, McCain is different. He will bring change and probably positive change. He is a uniter not a divider. But can anyone stand up and take responsibility for last eight years? 4000+ precious lives have been sacrificed on wrong pretexts, why were they blind folded for first five years? Why harping on the fix (surge) which should have been done from the beginning?
7. Why is there no accountability for lost 10 Billion Dollars that should have been spent to chase evil to the doors that houses them?
8. And Why experience has been such an issue? Has it been not a White house tradition lately that a President does everything that his VP tells him to do? ;) - Okay this was a humor!!
9. Republicans all kudos to you for choosing McCain as a nominee. If anyone can come victor in a face of adversity it is John McCain, his resolve and his character are his strengths. He masters this art.

After many years we have two very likable candidates. Both will bring change. They both have awesome character, sincerity and possess love for this nation and its people. You won't go wrong in choosing either of the two. But choose on policies. Choose on facts not on revenge and prejudice. Change is coming indeed but choose who can bring confidence as well, sooner than later.

Fact: Bush has more approval rating in India than in US.

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