Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Racism in America: A few weeks ago I took a right turn at a red light where I was not supposed to. In Colorado there are not many traffic lights where right turn is not allowed, unlike many cities in East coast where it is quite typical. And where you least expect them they will be there. Yes Cops stopped me and gave me a ticket. And When I saw the paper closely my race was written as a "White".
Socialisism? On no!: The house prices are down 30% of its value. Thousands of dollars of losses in 401K and stock investments (even conservative ones). Gas prices and health insurance costs are sky rocketing and no one bails us out. Now our money is taken out to bail out the corporations who made wrong and risky business decisions at our expense. Bailing these huge financial corporations is still capitalism, bailing us out on main street would be socialism. Oh no, we can not be a Socialist nation. And if these steps are necessary to save the economy at least please guarantee that our $7000 dollars will be returned back at 8% yearly.
Lets not have a debate: McCain is good hearted and wants to suspend the campaign and work in Washington to resolve the economic crisis. He does not want Friday's debate. I thought during these times is the best way to connect with people on main street. Even Bush had a special speech. Is McCain avoiding direct people contact? I remember that Office episode when Steve Carell hides all day and gives Dwight to chose health care plan.
A VP that believes in witch craft?: Thats the only thing left for Americans to see!

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