Thursday, March 19, 2009

20 days worth of political review

Its been 20 days, five or six Indian cities, train travels, lots of waiting and tons of people watch and I am armed with enough material to review the current Indian political crossword.

  • Confusion with in "other" parties of UP and Bihar means Mayawati and Nitish Kumar is doing better and will come out likely winners.
  • Varun Gandhi's infamous speech has left his partymen red faced but has won a lot of ground support. Its not clear if his speech was well orchestrated to win over some of the hardcore militant Hindu votes or counter balance Modi's weight. Probably it has back fired for now but is a concrete foundation for his future political clout. A Gandhi/RSS is a rare combination.
  • Contrary to beliefs UPA is not breaking up. Its an internal tussle to win over the biggest pie.
  • Advani is the biggest hurdle in NDA's win and probably one reason why they will win the seats they do.
  • People still look for not what leaders say but how they say it.
  • Congress will come out strong from South.
  • Third front will breakup after elections.

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