Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Why would NDA win 2013 Elections

The state of BJP and it's partners this year does not project any sign of them winning the upcoming elections. But there are some positive signs for them to be favorites for the elections after next.

  1. With Congress's win most likely in the next elections their old regional factions like Trinamool Congress and NCP are coming back to it's fore. Upon INC's failure at center these regional parties will be the biggest losers whose seats will go to NDA.
  2. A strong show of SP-Congress in UP will bring BJP and BSP closer for next elections.
  3. This is Advani's last elections. Next four years will see a younger and more refreshing leadership in BJP.
  4. Poor global economy and increased threats from Terrorism in South Asia will strengthen hard line Nationalist elements.
  5. NDA's current partners will stay close to them. Their allies are regionally stronger.
  6. There will be a third front again. A stronger third front depletes INC's vote bank.
  7. Defeat in this elections will see BJP go grass root again.


indranil said...

What !!!! NDA will win this time ....... else the country is doomed !!!

indranil said...

What ?? NDA should win this time else the country is doomed !!!