Friday, May 15, 2009

What BJP does not understand again and again

So it came out true what I had predicted - A win for UPA and rejection of Left and Third front. For BJP it must hurt with two consecutive defeats with people rejecting its leader and its policies. BJP and NDA will sure analyze what went wrong but it does not matter if they do not learn from it. They did not learn the last time either. If they want to get their acts together they have to go back and do major overhaul on what they actually stand for and how they see their future as. Following are simple reasons why BJP failed and is ironic why they couldn't see it.

  1. Personal attacks on leaders does not work. People have rejected it in the past and they will in the future.
  2. Indians have already accepted Sonia Gandhi as an Indian, projecting her as an outsider does not strike a cord with common masses.
  3. An absolute absence of young leaders in the age group of 35-45. A wave of Omar Abdullas, Sachin Pilots, Jyotir Adityas and Rahul Gandhis are coming to crush you.
  4. Absence of any credible presence in South or strong alliance. Banking on post-election alliances would not work.
  5. Retaining the states. They keep losing some key northern states. The states they have won is because how the state government has performed not because of Advani's appeal.
  6. L.K Advani is not an accepted leader of common Indians and he has been rejected in 2009 elections. Sooner he retires the better.
  7. Growth is what will bring them back. There has to be BJP in every state winning local elections. Grass root presence is key to revival.
  8. Up till 1991 BJP was seen as a party not hungry for power. If they have to win then do not project themselves as an alternative of Congress but a party that has concrete beliefs on issues.
  9. BJP is a company that can not build themselves by acquisitions (alliances) alone, they need to generate products.

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