Friday, August 21, 2009

Don't dare to call it a clunker

Almost everyone remembers his or her first car. The car we buy right after learning how to drive. In most cases with our own money. The car that we loved to sneak a peek of late nights when we pretended not to be asleep just to have a reason to go and look at it. The car we took to drive our loved ones around. The car we washed with our own hands and loved to do so. A vehicle that drove us to school or our first job or to your first girlfriends house. The car that made us proud when there was nothing else that did. A dent on it was a dent on your heart. The car that you thought you will pass it on to your grand kids. Yes the car that couldn't keep up with the greed of oil companies. The car that started to cough as if it aged with me. Yes the car that I poured my dreams into. Don't dare to call it a clunker.

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