Friday, August 28, 2009

I am glad BJP lost

Because if they don't know how to run a party then how could they have run a country? This party has to reinvent itself. I see a new opposition emerging by next elections most probably under Nitish Kumar with these breakaway BJP liberals. Under Advani and Rajnath BJP has dragged itself back to its dark ages. Except once I have always voted for BJP but I won't even go near them in what they are today. Even Mayawati knows how to run a political party than these guys do. This lauh purush is a joke. He is a living example of age should not be a criteria of leadership. He rode on Vajpayee's charisma and conveniently projected himself as his heir when he has never been able to prove his administrative abilities. What a disaster he has been for BJP. If RSS can't find BJP a new set of leadership who are genuinely rooted in its beliefs then they are better off gone. Sonia Gandhi who was targeted by this party with a difference on being naive, a foreigner, a dumb and what not has kicked their butt for a second time in a row. Leaders prove their mettle by demonstrating results not by some BS talk. Their loss has indeed saved India.

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