Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanks Congress for giving BJP what they wanted... An Issue

Burdens of past should not drag the wishes of future. Ram Temple is a similar issue that has become a playground to gain political mileage. Its in the news again and of course thanks to Congress for giving BJP an issue, once again. You would be politically naive to believe BJP leadership had no knowledge of plans of bringing the disputed structure down while in power in the state where it happened. Level of involvement of its leaders could be debatable but their ignorance is something that can not be believed. It can not be believed in a similar way as if the structure was a center of any relevance in the middle of a Temple town, the birth place of Ram. The disputed structure was less of a religious importance to Muslims in India than being a relic of the history. It neither represented Islamic culture nor an icon of introduction of Islam in India other than a thumping sign of Victory of a Muslim King over the local Hindu rulers. The place also called Masjid-i-Janmasthan was a place where till late 19th century Hindus and Muslims prayed together peacefully. Today more than a few centuries later we have a constitution to respect and abide by that is key to the survival of Indian democracy and is also the life line of our individual identities. BJP who championed the cause of reconstruction of Ram temple, after losing a series of recent political battles and thoroughly rejected by people sees this issue as a life source of its own existence. This is what BJP wanted and so does the Samajwadi Party who got rejected by its own traditional Muslim electorate in the recent elections. BJP is not for Hindus, so not SP for Muslims and Congress is no champion of secularism either. So it is now up to the common mass to scream and let them know that one of the most pious places of Hindu religion can't be used to spill blood of any fellow Indians irrespective of their religious beliefs or its bloody past.

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