Saturday, March 13, 2010

Chevy Malibu shares the Arjun Tank story

A little history - India in mid-70's realized a need of an indigenous MBT and embarked upon once seemed a never ending path. Today after three decades of ups and downs the development of Arjun has been completed as it now competes with world's other Main battle tanks. It will not be an exaggeration to say Arjun is one menacing beast but to no avail because its user has already taken a love route to Russian T-90s that India had purchased in mid 90's more so in panic. Today even though Arjun is a better tank its not going anywhere because folks it was built for have already made up their minds.
This story sounds so similar to what Chevy Malibu is today. I have rented so many cars in past many years and I can say for sure Malibu is one that has impressed me the most. But where does it stand against Toyota Camry and Honda Accord? Even with problems of Toyota if I have to buy one I would rather buy a Camry than a Malibu, renting could be another story. Its called a proven platform in the changing world. I will be ready to give Toyota a pass for its problems because I believe they are serious in delivering the same quality that it once was known for. With GM, no.

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