Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bay Area SIG - 29-Apr-2010

So this was my second Coherence SIG (the first was in New York almost three years ago). This time it was all about monitoring monitoring monitoring. It was nice to meet familiar faces. Few who recognized me right away, including Jon, Peter, and with a slight hick up Desmond and Raanan. Rao from Oracle EM remembered me from my blog photo (I think I still look the same). Ones who did not, included Craig. A few I knew I have met before or worked with was good to see in the Coherence crowd. It was a good presentation from Randy Stafford and his tips were:

  • Monitor everything - CPU, Network, Heap and Application.
  • Different tools for different things - Jamon, sar/ksar, JMX
  • Re-architect if you have to.
  • No comprehensive patterns available for Grid Computing so keep yourself up-to-date
  • Mission Control rocks - May be single biggest reason to use JRockit
Tom from's presentation was informative and stressed the importance of Monitoring and why it is not an optional piece of the solution. I had introduced them to one of the clients I worked with and was to good to see that they were in their customers list as shown in his slide. It was good to see Tom recognizing features of Oracle EM not offered by RTView. Rao must feel happy. At the end Taylor from Grid Dynamics talked about the proven design patterns also implemented by Oracle Consulting at numerous engagements and was good to see common solutions to common problems by two professional services. Overall was a good night out.

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