Monday, April 05, 2010

Five Pakistanis I wish were Indians

These are Five Pakistani celebrities who I respect a lot and would have love to have as Indians:

  • Wasim Bhai Akram- He has been more pain in the neck for India than even a well trained Pak SoG soldier. A guy to salute, what an awesome bowler he has been.
  • Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan - A real maestro. His songs has united more Indians and Pakistanis than a series of CBM meets.
  • Shoaib Akhtar - For some reason Bollywood and hence the rest of India loves to see a flamboyant and a little arrogant talent. What if his name sounds "show aib", so be it.
  • Shoaib Malik - A guy who took away the heart of someone who the entire India loves. He must be someone.
  • Ghulam Ali - He had put Ghazals back on the table in Hindi Cinema. We had more of his cassettes than any Hindi movie's. Don't hear him much these days though.

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