Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Where Naidu failed, Nitish succeeded

Bihar election results were stunning but not an eye opener. It was somewhat expected. Its a victory of sincere effort to govern over the same old caste based, psychological crap game so far played by Congress and RJD combined. Years ago when Chandra Babu Naidu lost the Andhra elections it was a shocking defeat. In spite of all the industry that Naidu succeeded in bringing in and bringing Hyderabad on a global map, the wealth did not reach the poor. Nitish kept the goals in sight and not necessarily in just impression building. It was not just Patna shining - Every city of the state has seen growth. Not every citizen may have an email address but they now do have roads to places they want to go to. Social and political situations in Andhra is very similar to Bihar and one lesson to learn is - "In the world of technology, it is very difficult to master people". Just don't lose the sight from the people.

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