Sunday, January 30, 2011

In support of Vastanavi

I did not know who Vastanavi was not until a few weeks ago. I am no fan or a supporter of Modi either. In fact I don't like him. I have lived in Ahmedabad for a few years and am quite familiar with its dynamics. I also have some opinions about political parties now reacting in response to Vastanavi controversy and above all I always have had a respect for Darul uloom deoband as an institute because of its unquestioned contribution to Indian freedom struggle in spite of its theologies being associated to one militant form of Islamic belief. Darul Uloom has always had a pro-India stance that very few Islamic institutions come out very vocal on. I am also concerned with a slow poisoning of Islamic educational system with a strict form of religious fanaticism. That said, financial situation of a common Gujarati irrespective of his religion is better compared to any other state. This is not something you would have to talk about just go and see it. And if this is acknowledged by Vastanavi then where was he wrong? In spite of Gujarat witnessing one of the worst and deplorable religious riots of recent times there does exist an environment for growth and there is nothing wrong in acknowledging that either. Indian Islamic Institutes have to decide if they should take a progressive path or go back in times. Calling water a water is no crime making it drinkable is a challenge.

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