Thursday, May 26, 2011

Scooters India Limited - A potential on sale

This is a part of an email conversation that I had with Scooters India Limited (now on sale) in the beginning of year 2001. Even then I was fascinated with electric vehicles and being from Lucknow I wanted SIL to take a head start at least in India as they had successfully launched an electric three wheeler then. I hear the company is on sale and Lohia auto who makes electric mopeds are interested in its stake. Even before Tata Nano I had envisioned a Vikram EV sized car run on electric to be launched and target a market segment that existed even then. That conversation ended in informal exchanges and "why would a company react on some enthusiast's email" thing. But now I wish if they had acted or if I had enough Money to buy them now. I still see a grand Indian market up for grabs.

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