Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Recommend me a vacuum cleaner

I am in a vacuum cleaner market again. Would appreciate your honest suggestions. This is what I am looking for:

  • Easy to use
  • Must work on carpets, hardwood, vinyl and stone floorings
  • After vacuuming I should feel 100% safer for my infant to crawl on
  • Easier to maintain and long lasting
I have had varying experience with different cleaners I have owned so far.
  1. Hoover canister - The plastic broke and lost suction otherwise loved it. Was too loud.
  2. Brissell Upright with bag - Use to lose suction and frequent bag replacements.
  3. Shark bag less - Absolutely loved it. But the one I had was relatively small.
  4. iRobot Discovery - Loved it at first but then started giving problems till it almost broke.
  5. Dirt Devil - Was tired of expensive vacuums so bought this one. It was okay at first but now loses suction and does not pick up hair or even small crumbs.
So? I am looking for one again and this time am more resilient and looking for one that I could own for the next 15 years without having to replace one. Suggest!

BTW: I bought a Shark Navigator from BBB (A real great store) and it just blew my expectations. Carpet feels like I just had it installed.

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