Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Are the new age companies bastardizing names?

There was a time when the name of the killer companies (Companies at the forefront) had a lot of weight. "International Business Machine", "Computer Science Corporation", "General Electrics", "General Motors", "Scientific American" and so on. The names sound similar to people of that era like the names of our Grand parents. Each name has at least two words compounded with titles. Names had deep meanings and somewhat reflective of what they do. Then like an era of James Brown, Father of todays Rap music names of the companies turned more hip and shorter. "Oracle", "Apple", "Sun", "Amazon". Things started to change and the names reflected a new generation of companies. Instead of names that sounded more like "King Richard 1 The Lion Heart" it became simpler but still meaningful like "Prince Charles". The best thing about Generation is that it changes and brings new approach to life. "Google", "Twitter", "Facebook", "LinkedIn" - you won't know what they do unless you use them. Websters and Oxford must be having hard time scratching their heads on how to recognize these vehemently meaningful names in their dictionary? How would "Search anything on the web Corporation" sound instead of just Google? Or "Express thoughts in 140 characters Private limited" for Twitter? No they won't sound right. Name of a company has nothing to do with what they do. In this fast paced life we don't have three seconds to pronounce a name, we only have one - so better use it right.

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