Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Any substitute for Rational Rose? Anyone?

Since Rational Rose became the tool for the Riches I have been looking for it's decent substitute. I have been playing around with Poseidon for a while which I kinda liked but its even community edition is not free. The 30-day free evaluation is more pain in the neck to renew. In the free world atleast the community editions should be free, but anyway. I started looking at the ArgoUML which looked pretty decent but its' code generator looks a little out-of-whack. I created a simple class A with two attributes int a; and String b. Upon code generation I see a public class int {} defined in the class A. C'mon there has to be a way to recognize these standard Java types. I do remember fiddling with Ambercadero and I do not recall why I stopped using it. Could anyone recommend some neat UML tool for Java? Code generation and Reverse Engineering would be a plus. Hmm... Or did I already find a Good One (StarUML)?


Tom Morris said...

The "int" datatype is part of the standard profile, so it sounds like it didn't get loaded by ArgoUML. Were you running from Java Web Start? There have been some reports of the profile not loading correctly in that environment.

Tom Morris said...

ps. StarUML looks like a reasonable tool, but it's not open source (if that matters to you). It's also unclear whether anyone's actively maintaining it or if it was just dumped as "open source" when the company decided they couldn't make a go of it commercially.

See some of the posts in the forums for more details.

ashish said...

Yeah I was using ArgoUML with the web start. I think that might have been the reason.