Saturday, February 17, 2007

Emergency landing and random encounters

Another fun travelling... My flight had to make an emergency landing in a small town in PA due to some smoke in the engine compartment. Believe it or not the smoke was caused by a trash bag stuck in the engine. Anyway when people around me were frustrated, it was yet another delayed/cancelled/diverted incident for me so who cares? Even though not clear enough in the picture, but what you see are the fire trucks surrounding the plane from a distance. It was no big deal just a few conservative precautions. I knew my family was worried for me too. Over a period of time I have figured it out, the lesser the instructions the more worried they are. Anyhow, We stayed overnight at a hotel and flew back to Chicago with a standby ticket to Denver for the next day. With sitting next to a Russian family who spordically spoke in English (only when getting chocolate brownies - a typical alien behaviour to show they belong), to an Indian who tried to avoid looking at me till he found me throwing a smile at him. Also met a bunch of overacheivers with backgrounds of Stanford and MIT. Each encounter has a funny story. Just over hearing the guy had a computer science degree from Stanford (SUN remember?) was even funnier. He kept mentioning "the school" again and again till the girl asked which one did he go to? The old trick of impressing girls I guess. From the talks of entrepreneurship to office jokes to the top of the world views, I did feel my flight had made an emergency landing. From the realization that the next flight will not have a place for me I was in the line to try for another one when I heard a voice "Mr. Srivastava". I was back in the saddle.

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