Friday, May 11, 2007

Expectations from Mayawati

**On some local political changes in India. I am using words like upper/lower castes just to represent a section of the society. I, like many others don't believe in these concepts.**

I recently visited UP, India's most populous state when the state elections were just announced. I had a chance to informally chat with many point of views and surprisingly the common voice was in support of BSP - A party run by Mayawati, one of the younger political leaders in India. Journalists made cautious fun about how once the basher of upper caste Hindus has fielded more candidtates from that section of the society this elections. How the Brahmins and Kayasthas are openely supporting Mayawati who are disenchanted by BJP's bloody religious politics, SP's corruption and Congress's inexistence. The results are out and the first time in the history of UP has BSP gained a clear majority ending the recent coalition regimes. One of the reasons for her success has been due to the expansion of her vote bank into the upper caste hindus, muslims and her strong support base of the lower caste hindus. The social web has changed in UP.
I also talk to many of my friends here. One common sentiments I find is "For India to make real progress, the caste system has to go". The sentiment is shared across the people from all sections of the society. This aspiration in a very remote manner has been reflected in Mayawati's victory.
So whats expected from her? You got support and you got the majority in the assembly. In recent times UP has even slipped down below Bihar - once known for its mismanagement and corruption. No industrial development has taken place in years now. Cities have been sold to a few Industrial houses. Corruption is rampaging and the people's emotions have been constantly misused for the political reasons. With Mayawati's victory the people of the state have said loud and clear a positive "NO". Is it a coincidence that the country is celebrating the 150th year of 1857 - The First war of Independence?


sunil said...

The Caste system cannot go in India till the caste-based reservations exist.The beneficiaries will not allow the caste-based distinctions to go as this will end in the caste-based benefits. in fact it appears that people may get converted to lower castes to get the benefits and when everybody becomes member of the lowest caste then only the caste system will probably go.

ashish said...

Awesome! We have the solution for a very long problem then. So one class say they need reservation for reasons including the way they have been treated for decades. The other say reservations should be removed or made rational so that it can not continue forever in its existing form. So the deal is: "Upper caste" agree they denounce the existing caste system and the "lower" caste agree to abolish the caste based reservations. Is it not simple enough?

Balasubranmaniyan said...

From the UP's recent electoral results all current political leaders must learn to give up caste based politics and and withdraw 27% quota system pending in Supreme Court. Should they fail many Mayavathis will springup in surprise to teach them a lesson. This message must be strongly sent to mainly Arjun Singh and his like cronies. Manmohan Singh to give up listening to Sonia and her cronies!!!!

Pramod said...

Please stand for the name of your party B(ijli), S(adak), P(ani) aur P(adhai) and Illaz (patient and Criminal).

You are not dependent on any party, if you do this then you may become India's Female Dalit Prime Minsiter the whole is watching you atleast do the work by keeping 2009 or before Parliament election.

One more expectation, please support APJ Kalam for president, he is the hope and vision for younger India.