Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The funny thing about American Idol

1. The best singer never wins (No btw it was not Blake).
2. Most of the guest singers sound terrible compared to the contestants.
3. William Hung still sounds stupid.


Linda said...

Who was the best singer in your opinion? For me, it would have been Melinda or Lakisha (sp?), but I think Jordan was pretty good. #2 is so true. And #3...well, yeah. :-)

On a Sanjaya note, do you think crying girl was staged last night? Wondering if those were true emotions. If not, she deserves and academy award.

ashish said...

Melinda was the best singer in my opinion. She is way ahead in the maturity she sings with. We will see more of her. If anyone came close to her, it was Jordan and it was a good decision. (For the Last season's I still don't agree). Speaking of Sanjaya, he is turning himself as a good entertainer. He may not be an American Idol but neither was Van Halen?

Pri said...

Wait William Hung performed and i missed it?
I did manage to catch the most underwhelming rendition of 'Wind beneath my wings'. Who was that lady anyway? She's familiar looking.

ashish said...

No Mr. Hung did not sing but he appears in a new advertisement singing about something.