Monday, August 20, 2007

CPI - The biggest shame in Indian Politics

The communist party of India and its other isotopes are opposing the Indo-US nuclear deal. They are threatening to pull the support from the Congress government. I am no supporter of Congress either but here are my thoughts on CPI-X. They have done nothing constructive for India in last 60 years and before. They are still battling if after the downfall of USSR and Chinese quasi-capitalism, "Communism" remains a viable philosophy . They have destroyed the city of Calcutta, once the lead metro of the country. They have encouraged illegal migration from Bangladesh by not taking any strict actions. Its party workers resort to violence in the name of civil rights. I have to give one thing to them though: When the communists have failed all over, they have spread their wings in India through coalition politics.
So why are they opposing the nuclear deal? Is it them or their philosophical masters who did not like the word "US" in it? Do they seriously oppose the deal or opportunity has given them a chance to play the support card? Whats the clause they did not like? That India has to give back the technology if they do another nuclear test? An estimate say that India already possesses 100+ nuclear bombs in its arsenal. How many more do you need as a deterrent? There is no stopping the laboratory tests or improving it or even making many more, or even physical tests for that matter. There will be a cost India has to pay if they decide to go though. If guys remember, Scientists had said India had enough test data after the 1998 blasts that they could use it to improve the design and delivery systems. The only unwritten adage is a possible arm twisting of the Indian Foreign Policy. The country should be politically matured to deal with it. That twisting goes between US and Russia and US and China all the time. Then why should India show its political immaturity? Do you need bombs to eat or energy and growth for your people? Ah! the growth of People which CPI has never cared about.

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