Friday, August 03, 2007

Obama - A Nehru In America

I wanted to title this blog "Obama - A Gandhi in America" but as I finished reading his book "Audacity of Hope" I realized he is more close to Nehruvian views than Gandhi's resolve. All the 362 pages of his book I felt as if I was reading about India, its struggles and its problems. And if Americans, you don't think he is fit for being your next President then please allow me to borrow him for five years for India. I wish if the job of Presidents can be reverse-outsourced. I watched the last Democratic debate and how Clinton supporters have been over joyous to prove naivety of Barack. I want to complete the sentence which Obama did not say - "I am not averse to talk to the leaders of Iran, Cuba, Syria and N. Korea in my first year of the Presidency, not because of the weakness but because the citizens of these countries can not and should not wait that long anymore". A tree full of fruits usually lean towards the ground.
Anyhow, why Nehru and not Gandhi?
Gandhi never cared about a position in a political system. His playground was social justice which reverberated into India's political freedom. Obama's social cause is not entirely free from his political ambitions. He has Nehru's political astuteness, clean but dreamy.
My disagreements
I did not agree to everything he has put in his book. First, I got confused of what the Senator calls to being an American? He compared the Asians and East European employees working in Google with the employees of Maytag's manufacturing unit. I don't see why they both can't be called Americans? I do see his pain of this imbalance but I don't see why he can't be proud of those Asian or East European Americans working in Google. Also, Its not the China beating America, but the Chinese Americans getting ahead in the Black and White America. The second he tend to criticize the "Non-Aligned Movement" of 1950's. We lest not forget that it was the crazy ambitions of two super-powers which held the entire world hostage. When the countries were asked to be either with us or them, it took a lot of courage and belief to take the middle path - A non-aligned position. The third, his generalization of poor professional ethics of African Americans. My experience has been far different. Whoever I have worked with so far had tremendous work ethics. I am sure he has seen many more.
So who is Obama?
He is one person who is genuinely serious about solving the problems as they exist. He is not shy of admitting the struggle with some of his ideas but you can't deny he does think about them. His views of the current socio-political situation comes directly as he has seen through his own experiences and his own eyes. He is as passionate about his work as he finds his calm retreat with his family. He is a devout Christian but not blind to not see goodness in other religions including Islam or Judaism. His foreign policy is based on trust and not military influence. He wants to spread America not in the numbers of Marine corps stationed but with the core American values of freedom and equality. He is young and has dreams.
Whats Next?
I don't know if he will be the next President of United States of America. But, he does have a loooong political career ahead of him. He is running for the highest office when his political career has just started. It will take him a long way. I will be happy if he wins but won't be sad if he does not. He has already scored a point and touched so many hearts. He does look like Gandhi but has grass root growth of Nehru's vision. Either way, he is a good man and every American should be proud of the fact.

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