Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Obama - Sincerity in being wrong

With every debate, my respect for Obama has been increasing. Hillary keeps on proving her opportunistic astuteness. This time on what should US do if they sight Bin-Laden in Pakistan and Musharraf refuses to act? Simple question. Yes Musharraf is standing strong and we need to support him, but should he be the only hope? For US, Is Musharraf an ally or is Pakistan? And what did Hillary say? "Don't say it out loud even if you meant it". What kind of openness is that? How does killing a global terrorist a breach of country's sovereignty? If He is sighted in London's waters and Mr. Brown fails to act, wouldn't US go and do this job alone? Didn't US forces kill Natzis in France? Was that a breach of French sovereignty? Aren't we at war together? Then whats wrong in what Obama said even if its politically wrong? Are we sleeping?

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